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Start-rite #passiton

To gain share of voice for Start-rite during the key back-to-school period, Vista worked with leading child research business, Childwise to identify a provocative insight that we could take to the media. Amid copious reports that children spend too long during the summer holidays on ‘screens’, Start-rite was the first brand to turn the tables and give children the chance to reply.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We identified the strongest hook was within the younger, 7-8 age group. So we filmed them speaking about their feelings. The story was picked up across UK national onlines, parenting sites and Sky News TV, achieving over 34.5 million reach in the UK alone.

377 pieces of editorial reached a global audience, including ABC News and Good Morning America.  The footage inspired 37,000 interactions across five continents. 

A month after launch, Mailonline used the film again to support a complementary news piece and Centre Parcs blogged about it. Four months later we picked it up in a feature article in The Express newspaper ....and Mailonline used the fim again a year later. 

Each time the film is used, the Start-rite brand is prominent, along with an undeniable truth: that Start-rite Shoes listens to childen, understands children and cares about their future.

We will never know the true reach of this campaign, due to the amount of private 'shares', but what we do know is that it was the most successful 'back-to-school' sales period for the brand to date. 


CASE STUDY 2: 5-4-5

As the epidemic of childhood obesity swelled most businesses and NGOs resorted to shock tactics and negativity: inactivity relating to weight gain, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

We looked at the effect of inactivity on a child’s developing body and devised solutions for parents.

We engaged fitness experts to devise the first ever HIIT routines for children.

5 simple exercises encapsulated in a routine lasting '4', 5 minutes.

The filmed content is fun, engaging, easy to follow. The children were allowed the freedom to express themselves.

The campaign was designed to appeal to parents and children. Aligning to the core brand principles.

Provocative, newsworthy story angles that were shared, shared and shared, with full features using our filmed content on Mail Online and Mirror Online, trade, parenting titles and social media.


CASE STUDY 3: Party Shows

When we toured Start-Rite Party Shows to Trafford Centre; Meadowhall and Bluewater.

We sourced our catwalk stars via their local newspaper, contacted Stagecoach parents and updated Start-rite social media with films and pictures.

We reached over 8 million people in these key locations, obtained editorial coverage for every child that took part and increased Start-rite’s social media followers by 50%.



'We absolutely love it.' THE MIRROR

'Wow, that is powerful.' FQ

“We need to punch above our weight to get noticed in a crowded back-to-school trading period. Combining product reviews, which we can evidence back to the business drive traffic and sales from our ecommerce site, with a brand awareness campaign, was a smart strategy. The team at Vista know our brand and articulated its values incredibly well and the coverage reached into important international markets for the business. Our brief was to be brave and challenging. They certainly achieved that.”

Denise Aldous,
Former Brands Manager, Start-Rite Shoes