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Fighting the almost unstoppable
forces of mediocrity.

This is our story.

Our beginnings.                                                                                                                                   

Jane launched Vista in 2012, after 16 years in agencies of all shapes and sizes. Vista's vision came from sitting in 'integrated' marketing teams for leading FMCG businesses. Intimately knowing a target audience and understanding how they tick, seemed the only strategy if you seriously intend to drive a connection with a brand. 

She believes that this approach to communications is now a necessity for brands to succeed in this uber-connected social world. So she set about building a network of families who interact with the business and finding like minded souls to help build her vision of a PR company that always puts the target audience first. 

Although, starting a PR agency wasn't on her radar. Until this happened. And everything fell into place. Read Jolie's story.


Our values and mission.

Respect. Compassion. Ambition. We believe that if we share these values as a team, then they will become part of everyone’s experience when dealing with the company. Our mission? To fight off the almost unstoppable forces of mediocrity. In our creative work, our execution and our business processes.


Vista PR

 A family brand.

We practice what we preach - our business operates with family at its heart. We run flexible working hours and an open policy to holidays. Take the holiday you need and deserve. Work your hours around it, if that is what you prefer to do. If your child is sick, you stay home with them, you can work from home if you wish, and your team will cover you. 

Our office is located within the bakery of a 16th century farmhouse in Oxfordshire. Our furniture was salvaged from recycling centres and we are careful to minimise resource-heavy office behaviours.

We respect our environment, and each other, because we believe that’s how business should behave.


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